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Almaden double glass PV module can meet commericial needs:

Power plants: Ground mounted, Rooftop mounted, etc.

Almaden ultra-thin dual glass frameless modules are the ideal option for utility solar plants. Ultra-thin dual glass modules are the final solution to the disadvantages of the traditional modules: anti-aging, PID-free, micro-cracks free, fire class A resistance, longer lifetime and easy cleaning. They are easier to install, working more stable and easier to maintain. Dual glass modules will ensure your investment and yield higher profit due to all its advantages.

Almaden dual glass modules chose glass to replace the traditional back sheets prior to the market. Thanks to the powerful water-proof, anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties, dual glass modules can survive the harshest environments and offer the best performance, wherever the seashore, deserts, farms etc.

Almaden has introduced the new patented Ceramic coating technology on the back sheet glass. A white high-reflective ceramic coating allows more sun beams be reflected back into the surface of solar cells. Module power output will be higher up to 5wp comparing with the glass modules without coating. White dual glass modules are especially fit for the ground and roof solar projects which don’t need transparency. 

Furthermore, module corners are protected and will be safer in transportation and installation.

Almaden dual glass modules have obtained the TUV, UL, ETL etc. certificates, with Fire Class A. Given the premium quality and performance, we offer 10 years’ warranty on quality and 30 years’ warranty on power output. 



Almaden dual glass modules are the lightest silicon modules in the world. It weighs only 8.5kg to 12kg per sqm. For factory workshops, villas and ware house roofs, Almaden dual glass modules are the most suitable one. While having the cell efficiency and mechanical property, Almaden dual glass modules offer the users modules as light as possible to make roof solar projects more practical and universal. 

Light weight: Almaden dual glass modules remove the frame to make modules as light as 12kg/㎡. Besides, Almaden has developed the new model 0.85+2mm dual glass module. The weight has been cut to 8.5kg/㎡. Thus it is possible to deploy distributed solar project on nearly all kinds of rooftops and allow more people to benefit from it.

PID free: Almaden dual glass modules has no Aluminum frame and are natural resistant to PID problems. And dual glass structure makes the modules durable under all conditions. There is no water penetration, no fast aging concerns comparing to the traditional back sheet. So dual glass modules work longer and yield more power.

Micro Cracks free: Dual glass layout make sure the center of modules will not deviate from solar cells when curved in bending conditions. It keeps the cells safe and sound. Almaden dual glass modules turned out no micro cracks after 60,000 times two points bending test.

Fire proof: The fire proof performance of dual glass modules has been improved greatly by replacing the back sheet with glass. Almaden dual glass modules has the A level fire proof quality, which are suitable for residential and commercial applications to protect the people and their properties. 

Almaden dual glass modules have obtained the TUV, UL, ETL etc. certificates. The modules withstand snow pressure up to 5400Pa and wind pressure up to 2400Pa. Along with the anti-PID, anti-micro cracks properties, and fire class A property, dual glass modules can secure the owner’s property to the utmost. Almaden dual glass modules are the best choice for rooftop solar projects. 

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